What criteria must be met to initiate an arbitration request?

For simulcast and sales through the auction (the ones using the auction rules). Mechanical and electrical issues must be individually more than $500 and the vehicle must either be run green light or red light with a drive train guarantee. If they have the drive train on it, this covers the engine, transmission and rear end only. Cosmetically if there is a condition report that is not right and the combined cosmetic repair value is over $500 then they are also able to arbitrate. If there is not a CR then it is taken on a case by case basis. We take photos of every vehicle that comes in, and if there is some major damage that is missing in the pictures we will generally work with them to help the dealer out; however there is no hard/fast rule. Frame must be announced on all vehicles unless they are run red light and under $2000.

The Charleston Auto Auction follows the arbitration rules of the NAAA. 

Please Click Here for the NAAA Arbitration rules. Note that time frames for arbitration are found on page 9 under Appendix I: NAAA Arbitration Policy Guidelines


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